Japanese Language Education

Japanese language institution type

As institutions educating Japanese for foreigners who wish to study abroad at a higher education institution in Japan, there are Japanese language schools and departments of foreign students.

The Japanese language school is an educational institution operated by a vocational school, various schools, etc. The department of international student is a curriculum which is established in private university and private junior college.

Every one nurtures the Japanese language management ability necessary for living in Japan and learning at higher education institutions.

The period of study is from 6 months to 2 years for the Japanese language school, and 1 year for the international student department in principle.

In order to obtain the status of residence for study abroad, it is necessary to enroll in a Japanese language institution that received notice from the Ministry of Justice.

Requirements for admission to Japanese language institutions

In order to enter Japanese language institution in Japan, it is necessary to have completed 12 years of school education in home country etc.

However, there is a preparatory curriculum for university admission as a program for international students who have less than this to acquire qualification for university entrance examinations.

Educational contents of Japanese language institution

In Japanese language schools, etc., Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT: Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and Examination for Japanese University (EJU: Examination for Japanese University) are conducted to acquire Japanese language management skills necessary for receiving higher education institution classes Admission for International Students) and so on.

In addition, there are educational institutions that implement Japanese culture, fundamental academic subjects, college / graduate entrance examination measures.