Japanese vocational school

Position of a vocational school

As a college / junior college, a vocational school is a school that is positioned as a higher education institution.

At a vocational college, you will learn the expertise and skills necessary to get into a specific occupation / occupation, and master the practical ability to become an immediate fighting force.

Many vocational schools are two years, but there are also courses of 1 year, 3 years, 4 years depending on the content to be learned and the characteristics of specialized fields etc Also, for graduates who have completed two or three years of study, a professional or a graduate of a four year degree will be awarded the title of an advanced professional. Specialist can transfer to the third year of university and advanced specialist can enroll in graduate school.

Educational contents of a vocational school

The vocational school currently offers a wide range of education to accommodate various occupations and occupations, but it is classified into 8 categories depending on the content of education and job / occupation you desire.

Field educational content
Industry Information Processing · IT, Game, CG, Automobile Maintenance · Railway Technology, Machine · Electric · Electronic Technology, Building · Civil Engineering, etc.
Agriculture Agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, landscaping, biotechnology, chemistry / biological, protection and preservation of the natural environment, etc.
Medical Nursing, dental hygiene, dental laboratory, clinical examination, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech hearing, judo reduction, emergency life saving, etc.
Hygiene Barber, beauty, makeup, esthe, nutrition, cooking, confectionery · bakery, etc.
Education / social welfare child care, early childhood education, nursing care welfare, social welfare, mental health welfare, etc.
Commercial Practice Business, Accounting · Bookkeeping, Travel · Tourism · Hotel, Accounting, Management, Hospital Administration, Public Security · Security, etc.
Clothing / Home Family Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Japanese Dressmaking, Knitting / Handicraft, etc.
Culture · Culture Music, video, broadcast, theater · movies, photography, manga, foreign languages, civil servants, sports · health, animals, etc.

course after graduating from vocational school

The curriculum of a vocational school consists of subjects related to specialized knowledge and skills to take jobs and jobs of your choice. Especially emphasis is placed on practical lessons to acquire practical skills by moving the body, and many lesson times are assigned. In addition, workplace training (internship) that acquires practical skills while actually experiencing work in the workplace not only in the school but also in companies is actively performed in many vocational schools.

After graduating from a vocational school, many of the students find employment as professional female professionals to companies that can make use of what they learned there. Some students go to work after transferring to university and going to graduate school to further enhance their expertise and skills.

After employment, in many cases, I will career as a professional career and work as a specialist.