Vocational Education in Japan

Vocational education at vocational schools and universities

Vocational education in Japanese schools is mainly conducted at vocational schools and universities.

Especially, the vocational school is characterized by a curriculum aiming at taking a specific occupation / occupation and acquiring qualification for that. Vocational education directly linked to practice such as introduction of workplace practice (internship) is set up thoroughly, as many practical lessons are set up. In addition, the vocational school is also functioning as a place for society people to learn again for their careers.

On the other hand, universities are vocational education aimed at professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, etc. in undergraduate departments of medical systems, but specialized education not limited to specific occupations and occupations is general in undergraduate school of science is. However, in recent years, we have also introduced vocational education such as work qualification acquisition work and workplace practical training aimed at student employment support.

Vocational education at high school

Even at high schools, vocational education in specific fields is being conducted at specialty high schools. There are specialized high schools that learn about occupations in the fields of agriculture, commerce, information processing, welfare and others. The number of special high school students accounts for about 19% of the total number of high school students.

Career education

In recent years, career education efforts have been actively promoted to encourage children and students to understand their professional consciousness as well as elementary and junior high schools as well as high school, and to promote understanding about their occupations and to think about their future career choices.