The growing industrial fields that demands foreigners

Growing Industries in Japan

The future of Japan’s industrial growth and to support the growth of the efforts of the industrial fields such as the following keywords are listed.


  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution

New jobs are created bu utilizing IT and the robots.

【Related Vocational Field】IT, Manufacturing, and Financial & Logistics Services etc.

  • To Forefront Health based Nation

To take advantage of the nursing care of robots and sensors, health and disease prevention for the private services.

【Related Vocational Field】Medical care and nursing care(including pharmacies, drug stores),IT, Manufacturing, etc.

  • Environment Energy

Promotion of energy conservation of industries/companies along with the spread of fuel-cell vehicles.

【Related Vocational Field】Manufacturing(Vehicle industry related), Energy, IT, etc.

  • Industrialize Growth in Sports

Fashion retailers and medical institutions are to be incorporates with the sports facilities in order to make it multi-functions.

【Related Vocational Field】Sports, Medical care, Tourism, and Fashion, etc.

  • Enhancement of Service Industries

The Japanese hotels, restaurants and other service industries are to be enhanced.

【Related Vocational Field】Travel and tourism and food shops and other service industries

  • Agricultural Reform

Agriculture, from production through the development, as the 6th industry is to be supported to develop.

【Related Vocational Field】Production, IT, and Distribution and trade, etc.

  • Tourism-oriented Nation

We aim to attract tourists from around the world to our country.

【Related Vocational Field】Tourism, Travel, Hotel, and etc.

The Industrial fields that highly demand international personnel

Medical care and Tourism are promising, and IT and Manufacturing are for all of the base.

From the perspective of Japanese growth strategy on keywords, Japan is aiming in such a wide range of fields that a service, medical care, tourism, agriculture, and energy, and  you are attempting to find out. IT and manufacturing fields are in the technological innovation and the “Monozukuri”, etc.  These industries will be based for all involved.

60% of international students are employed in IT and Information communication.

It is the job of the international students and information communication (60%), followed by the manufacturing sector (52.2 percent is the most expensive), and other services (39.5 percent), finance (33.3 percent) and continued.

It is very popular among the foreign students (24.3%), commerce and trade the adoption rate of foreign students all industries with the lowest to the highly competitive industries.

The advantageous qualifications for employment

New graduate recruiting firms in Japan in the center, except for the specific areas, but not necessarily, a must.  You will not be prompted for credentials. You need to do your job well, if you are to get after joining qualifications, even when enrolling the company is to help us and other expenses.  Prior to joining credentials are required, however, will be eligible for vocational or there are several craft and favorable. Below is a representative of such introduction.


Fields Qualification
IT IT passport, MOS(Microsoft Office Specialist), CCNA(Cisco Engineer Certificate), Web Designer certification, Designer certification, Web creator ability Certification Exam., and etc.
Service Hotel practical skills certification exam, ABC Certified wedding specialist and the National Association of wedding planner assays, and travel management chief, comprehensive travel management chief, sales personnel, etc.
Interpretation and Translation Interpretation for Business Assay (TOBIS), Guide-interpreter, and Domestic travel management chief, comprehensive travel management chief, sales personnel, and etc.