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General about Studying in Japan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Science and related organizations such as the Japan alumni association in conjunction with the operation of the site. Person interested in studying abroad and international students and student experiences to cover all the information about. The contents of the to study at university and graduate school students aiming for the choice of a Japanese language school, there are many and Finding Part-time work and other information is to study the Japanese language school and vocational school students aiming to be useful. Day-tae-nun and Mitsukoshi and vivacious, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Korean language support.

Scholarships for Study in Japan and the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) information. In addition, basic information about studying in Japan and there is also a useful links and search for the school. The English language version is available.


Independent Administrative Institution Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) operation for comprehensive information on study in Japan, we aim to provide a portal site. Study abroad before, during, and after some useful information on the site link is abundant.

The Asian Students Cultural Association public foundation (ASCA) and Benesse Corporation jointly operated by the program for international students studying in Japan information site. The contents of the main university and graduate school students who wish to search for the School occupies is also available. Basic information about studying in Japan are also abundant. Day-tae-nun and Mitsukoshi, English, Chinese (Traditional), and Korean language support and brief. About this site for international students living in student life and useful information about living in Japan (opening a bank account and take out the trash and how to find housing, etc.), “scholarship”, you can search for various types of scholarship.

For those interested in studying and working holiday available to issue a free paper Co. cute Japon site. You can search for a Japanese language school, schools and other part-time jobs, and the introduction of housing. Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional), and Korean language support and brief.

Educational institutions, Access Lead operates the site.  Public relations and management support.  You can search for a professional school life in Japan, and other basic information about it.

International students studying in Kyoto Kyoto network is operated by the study with content specific to the site. To search for a Japanese language school in the prefecture, schools and other Japanese life and the Kyoto Tourist information are also abundant. Day-tae-Mitsukoshi, English, Chinese (Traditional), and Korean language support and brief.

Professional School and Japanese School related

This site of “the National School of professional school Association- Student Committee for international students” provides the list of schools that accept the international students.

The Tokyo vocational school other school Association website, You can obtain the credentials and the school name and the craft and professional schools of search is possible. Japan – Viet Nam, English, Chinese (Traditional), and Korean language support and brief.

This foundation training to be issued by the Japan professional college in Professional School Study Abroad Program Guide (guidebook) to download. “guide” provided in 14 languages. The guide (Digest Edition) in 7 languages.

The inspection and certification of Japanese language education institution to make business critical. You can search for a Japanese language school in this site members. In addition, the number of students and graduates as a school information on countries and regions such as the type and course fees can be viewed.

The Ministry of Justice was the promulgation of the Japanese language education institutions to the membership and a legal entity in a Japanese language school in Japan is a member of the industry group first and only 147 schools (current)

Japan Education-related public institutions

Provides a variety of information about studying abroad to the Embassy of Japan in various consultation, do about studying abroad and the consulate general are covered. Japanese government scholarship students of the selection as well.

Economic partnership agreement (EPA: Economic Partnership Agreement)and economic partnership agreements; The articles, information, and cool Japan are provided.

East Japan Earthquake and the amount of radiation measurement information.


The site for the organization to perform authentication of Halal For a description of other halal in Japan and, authorized business introduction and halal food with a recipe to the public.

One of the groups that issues Halal certificates.