The required status of stay and employment for international personnel.

 The Qualifications for International residence

27 types of status of residence

International residents in Japan at the time of entry to state the purpose of your visit to the certification. This visa status of residence (“visa”). And, Visa, depending on the conditions and purpose of the stay 27 types are available.

International residents in Japan in accordance with the range of activities in each residence to the prescribed period.

The idea for work visa up to now

International personnel who have entered Japan and stay in accordance with applicable to either one of the residence.  Causes to get worked in Japan and the Rewards Visa (visa) is essentially “simple” based on the concept of labor are not permitted。

A revision of the law to expand the scope of the employment

To get a job in Japan for foreign students, they can work with work visa status so far, mainly limited to in the Humanities/International Services” and “technology”, etc. However, the law is revising, the framework of the residence and students will also expand the scope of the employment. The points are listed as below.

① Visa status of “Specialist in Humanities/International Services” and “technology” are now one status.

The Humanities/International Services” and “technology”, the credentials of the work visas are in accordance with the activities or work experience in the field not required to apply for a change from the “College Student” is one of the visa available.  In accordance with the activities of the foundation of knowledge is good if you have so far in the school and a person who is the subject of the Department of Humanities and the Humanities/International Services”, it was common for science majors, it is “technology”.

② Status of residence “care” is newly established.

The aging of Japanese society along with the high quality of the progress of the nursing care needs are growing, Care worker for a national qualifications for the visa status of “care” have been newly established.

This allows the training of professional schools to graduate to nursing care and welfare facilities to obtain an astronaut’s national qualifications for foreign students in Japan, and nursing care can take up employment.

③ While working on the “Japanese” research and learning is possible

2013 (2013), “Japanese” is registered on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, is growing interest in Japanese cuisine in the world.

So, 2014), (2014), and meets specific criteria for more information about training facilities for international students cook in Japan that is engaged in the business of cooking Japanese cuisine and special provisions were recognized

This allows the visa status of “specific activity to learn Japanese while working in two years.

④ Status of residence “Investment and Management, Change Management,” is “management”

Does the company in Japan to run as an administrator in the business of Japanese companies are working for the name of the required visa a international personnel is March 27 (2015), IT management and administration from the “investment and management”” was changed to . This allows the company to get this visa, the establishment of the company in the business scale of the conditions has become clear.

International students, the employment relationship status of residence

If you find a job in Japan for foreign students is “College Student” visa status from temporary available. You may need to change the status of residence

Therefore, the contents of the status of foreigners in the preceding paragraph, based on the explanations below about visa work you can once again. Therefore, the contents of the status of foreigners in the preceding paragraph, based on the explanations below about potential/possible work visa is stated again.

Visa status of “technology and the Humanities/International Services

○ International students need higher education or more must be completed.

Visa status of “technology and the Humanities/International Services”, international students are the most common way to do work in the work visa in the education of Japanese schools and universities and junior colleges and graduate school, etc. or more of the graduates who are eligible.  If the professional school “Diplomat” or “Advanced Diploma” that you obtained the title of a Specialist. In addition, international students who have graduated from a university in their home country, the employment activities in Japan as is possible. In addition, if you want to work in the IT-related sectors, and the Ministry of Justice announced it if the credentials passed the exam is not a matter of education (Refer to Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) “Foreign IT engineers in Japan legal procedures pertaining to employment,”).

○ The contents of the learning and business contents relevance is important

Change of Status of residence examination by the Immigration Bureau in the professional schools and universities, etc., and the job after they learned to be engaged in business related to the contents of the question.  For example, students in the department of science for analysis and quality management of chemical manufacturer will work on the development of mechanical engineering students have learned to the machine in the case of such occupations of related learning content and vocational qualifications are recognized in easy because the status of residence. In the case of humanities, law, economics, sociology, use your knowledge of the Humanities Division of the management of public companies to find a job, the visa status of “Other” and require a foreign culture business (interpretation and translation and language instruction and the overseas business transactions, etc.), you can also work on.

○ Work Visas for environmentally friendly businesses

The eligible area in the vocational education and professional school, cooking, beauty of some of the fields are currently, work is restricted.

However, many Japanese companies is excellent from the overseas human resources that they are “technology and the Humanities/International Services visa can work in Japan through the learning content and associated to the various occupations and consideration for an increasing number of companies are thought.

○ Visa status of “technology and the Humanities/International Services,” the main occupation available for work

【Technology related】Computer engineers and mechanical engineering technicians and electrical engineers and Web designer and industrial product designer and system engineers and chemical research based on the outcome of the product development, etc.【Specialist in Humanities / International Services System】

Trade Business and designer-language school teachers and securities company analyst research company researchers and trading companies in overseas market research and marketing and international public relations and a securities company traders, etc.

Status of residence “nursing care”

○ The employment status of residence “care” will be established by international students is possible professional schools of nursing care and welfare facilities for an astronaut training students graduating from the nursing care workers to engage in a new “care” visa have been established.
○ Basic knowledge of nursing care workers (1) — care worker job

Care worker, social welfare professions of nursing care about Japan’s national qualifications. You need nursing care for the elderly and people with disabilities to be able to live for a smooth day, meals, and bathing and Excretion and pedestrians and other assistance to the nursing care plans to develop the other caregivers advice to mental or to be supported in the main job.

○ Fundamental knowledge about the nursing care workers (2)– care worker requirements

Currently, nursing care and welfare and care worker at Training Facility for more than two years and graduated from the learned care worker national qualifications is granted. The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare of the Japanese training facilities specified in addition to the school, vocational school, university, junior collage. Upon completion of the training facility entrance qualification of high school students who graduated from high school in their home country, because the terms.  However, in 1993, 34 years (2022) or later, training facilities to not only graduated from after graduation in nursing care and welfare services will be required to take the national examination to care worker.  Therefore, it as a transitional measures up to the 2017 fiscal year (FY) 2021 from 29 to 33 by the end of the training facility for five years after graduation, for the mean time(provisional) care worker national qualifications is granted. Therefore, during the five years after graduation, or to pass the exam after graduating from the nation continues to nursing care workers engaged in five years, care worker national qualifications.

○ The main employment by Status of residence “care”

Special nursing home for the elderly health and nursing care facilities and day care center and physical disabilities who facilities and visit nursing care service providers, etc.

Visa status of “Medical care/Medicine”

○ The Japanese medical qualifications are required.

Visa status of “medicine”, “Medical related business activities to engage in” is possible work visa. Medical care in order to obtain a visa to the prescribed of medical care in Japan you must have the qualifications.

○ You can obtain a visa medical care medical qualifications

Associate Nurses, doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienis, maternity nurse, pharmacists, public health nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language-hearing therapists, medical radiographer, hemo-orthotists, and orthoptist

○ Necessary to learn the Japanese health care system of education and to pass the national exam.

The Japanese health care system of education and learning in the nation, it is necessary to pass the exam is specified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare for international students training facilities and graduated from the qualifications listed above will be required to successfully pass the national examination.  This is the only university in the training of doctors and pharmacists facilities, employment period (education period) for six years. Doctors and pharmacists, except for more than three years across the wide range of areas in the school education facilities.

Visa status of “management and management”

○ Works as a company executives and managers qualifications

Management and administration is the visa status of “Japan in the trade or other business management and activities to engage in the business of management or” to be given to foreign work visa. In other words, if you run a company in Japan, Japanese companies to do business management in the domestic business offices of the position to be given to foreign residence.

○ International Students in Japan as entrepreneurs also available

A company in Japan to undergo an examination for management, business content, not to mention the management of it to determine the level of experience and knowledge and skills materials. The basic education is no matter. However, the professional schools and universities, etc., and majored in business management and business creation and fair level of “knowledge” if you have a positive decision is likely to be good (not in employment is required). Therefore, Japan after graduating from school, students also starting a business in Japan without the job exists.

○ Possible to obtained by a career-up

The management and administration of the company as an administrator in order to obtain a visa” for more than three years of experience, the work content is applicable to any other management business is strictly review. Whether

So the new employee management and administration in the job as an international student” visa is basically not relevant. However, for more than three years after joining the appropriate role is and the technology and the Humanities/International Services visa, etc. The switch time management and administration” visa to a change request.

○ Engaged in the management and administration of Status of residence.” The main occupation available

Company executives and managers (Representative Directors and the board of directors and corporate auditors of the department heads of branch offices and factories)

Other visa status of “specific activity” and “skills”, etc.

○ As a Japanese Cuisine cook can work in 2 years

Status of residence “Specific Activities” is not applicable to the other status of residence is a reason to your status of residence in Japan, even if if there are deemed to be given to work visa. Therefore, the type and contents are quite diverse. For example, regarding employment of international students after they graduate employment activities to obtain this visa if you cook from Japan, other training facility completed 2 years Japanese restaurant, while working as a Japanese to learn it in this “Specific activity visa accepted在留資格